Filmmakers · Crew · Production Team | Today (2015)

Filmmakers, Crew, and Production Team for Today (2015). Written & Directed by Brendan Brooks.

Brendan Brooks

Writer · Director · Cinematographer · Camera Operator · Producer

Brendan Brooks in contemplation
“Let's do this thang! Camera One Rolling.”

A man of few words, but the few words he speaks are clear, precise, and have much meaning. Brendan is a master behind the camera and is a place he enjoys.

Brendan has been into video and film for many years and photography even longer; his passion is shared by his wife Barbara Brooks — Executive Producer for TODAY — both of them capture moments in time of the family Justus Brooks — Assistant Camera; Lola Ann Brooks — Co-writer for the song TODAY and frame them on the walls of their home — it is a wonderful thing to see such love and caring when visiting the Brooks Family.

Brendan wrote, directed, and captured his first short film The Desert about two contract killers out in the desert back in 2008 for CFAA's film contest. In 2009 Brendan met with Gerald Martin Davenport and Jim Heck at the Sierra Mousetrap Mac User Group in Nevada City, California and realized they had the same interests, so in 2010, when Gerald's story THE GOLdEN TREE was selected in the Access Sacramento's A Place Called Sacramento screen contest they collaborated on the production with Brendan as the Cinematographer and Camera Operator — one whole day was Brendan on the steadi-cam, and Brendan was Co-Director and Co-Camera with Gerald on Treasure Chest of South Sacramento by Guy Pace.

2011 put the threesome together again for Gerald's film the WATERING hole with Brendan as the cinematographer and camera operator and Jim Heck as second camera operator; the three also worked on BUDDIES by Judith Plank; both stories were selected for A Place Called Sacramento contest with the WATERING hole winning the Producer's Choice award and Buddies coming in a very close second.

Brendan has worked with Jim Heck and Gerald Martin Davenport on many other projects and films, and recently he has been working with Mark Triolo — Camera Operator on TODAY — doing various video productions. Today was a special story to him and he is grateful for everyone's participation, support, and help in the making of the film. “Directing takes a different kind of person. I loved doing it, but it is stressful and nerve wracking. I think I'll just stay behind the camera next time.”

Barbara Brooks

Executive Producer

Gerald Martin Davenport

Production Manager · First Assistant Director · Editor · Producer

editing software timeline of the movie Today
“Editing is combining the components to tell a better story.”

A man of many words and none have any meaning. Gerald is a master behind putting the puzzle together and making it make sense — “Story, Pacing, and Performance are key elements in a film. Finding the right mix to keep the audience engaged and involved is not an easy task, and success is a bumpy road.”

Gerald has been involved in the creative arts since he was three banging on boxes keeping a beat. Photography, story writing, song writing, playing musical instruments, drawing, and all the above kept him out of trouble most times and also gave him an outlet for his love and disgust of the world. "I am very honored, proud, and excited to have myself and Aria Pictures able to help Brendan achieve his goal for TODAY. It is a great story, a wonderful cast, and a seamless crew. Thank you Brendan!"

Daniel J. Evers

Composer · Song Engineer

Daniel J. Evers.
"More bass, more drums, more guitar!"

Dan started taking piano lessons at age 10, guitar and bass lessons at age 15, and music theory and vocal training at college. As a musician, composer, sound engineer, and private studio owner, Dan brings a refreshing perspective and diverse amount of musical talent to the movie scoring process.

Dan's 2006 CD release, MAIN ENTRANCE, is available at iTunes. You can listen to samples of his CD at or contact Dan at:

Jessica Wilkes

Script Supervisor

Mark Triolo

Camera Operator · Equipment Provider

Jim Heck

Camera Operator · Equipment Provider · Production Audio

Justus Brooks

Assistant Camera

Robert Vierra

Second Assistant Camera · Production Assistant · Grip

His walk with Christ is evident with his church's youth ministry. He let's them know how important they are. He has many skills from many jobs. He is not afraid to be himself and other are drawn to his realness. When he was young he dreamed of being a stuntman.

Zach Maltese

Second Assistant Camera · Production Assistant · Vehicle Operator

Steve Stubbs

Production Audio · Boom Operator

Tamara Davenport

Catering · Craft · Co-Producer

Amanda Buehler

Assistant Script Supervisor - Night One

George Ann Heck

BTS Photography

Today - Song

Written by Brendan Brooks, Daniel J. Evers, and Lola Ann Brooks
Performed by Hayley Pritchard, Brendan Brooks, and Daniel J. Evers

Russian Roulette - Song

Written & Performed by Aaron Ross

Doug Hammer

Additional music from Petite Chardonnay — Courtesy of Aria Pictures

Special Thanks

Kyriè Sierra Davenport - Additional Casting
Colby McCullum - Red Truck
Austin Harlicker - White Truck & Quad